Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Massage for You

1. Rates
The rates you can find elsewhere on this website are inclusive of 21% VAT. If you live outside a radius of 15 km from Leiden, I charge a call-out fee on top of the invoice cost. These costs can be found on the page Rates .

2. Online booking
You can book a massage at home directly on the page Book Now. If you register for the first time, a user name is created with a password, you will be sent this information by email. These can be used to cancel your reservation (24 hours in advance) and will only be used for your reservations. The system takes into account travel time, but if you live further than average, we may find that the travel time is not enough. In this case we will contact you to to see if the appointment can be moved at most half an hour.

3. Payment
You can pay the massage in advance with PayPal, IDEAL, credit card or afree the massage itself  by cash, ATM card or credit card. Additional costs as travel and parking costs are paid immediately after the massage.

4. Cancellation
Reservations can be cancelled until 24 hours in advance. If you cancel later, we’ll have to charge 100% of the cost.

5. Gift
Gift Certificates can not be redeemed for cash. Gift certificates must be used in one go. The validity of a gift card is 6 months after the issue date of the gift.

6. Intake and Your Health
In case of any medical problems, if you are treated by a doctor or specialist, or use medications that affect the ability to receive massages you must communicate this in advance. Let us know if you are allergic, so we can determine which massage we can or cannot give. In the FAQ medical reasons are listed that counterindicate a massage.

7. Liability
Massage for You is not responsible / liable for tangible and / or intangible damage before, during or after treatment. All treatment offered by Massage for You are non medical treatments. When you have the treatment at Massage for you is entirely at your own risk.

8. Massage of children and minors
It is possible for children or minors to be massaged, but this is subject to certain conditions. There should always be an adult, parent or guardian present in the room. Parent and child together define the boundaries of the massage. Are these conditions not met, we do not massage.

9. No erotic acts
Massage for you is not an erotic massage practice. Requests in this direction are therefore not appreciated. If any requests of sequal nature are made during or prior to the massage, the massage is immediately terminated and masseur will leave. The total fee of de massage including travel costs will still be charged.

10. Modification of Terms
The General Conditions and the information on the website can be changed by Massage for you at all times.