Massages at home, convenience for you!

Picture this: you, lying on the massage table, the masseur rocks, strokes, kneeds you and your sore muscles. Slowly but surely your mind is sussed into a half-sleep while he works on your body, which gradually softens, melts away into the table until nothing is left but pure relaxation. And when he finishes, all you have to do is get up and roll in bed or onto the couch to enjoy the relaxation in your own home. All this took place at home!

No hustle or fuss

What would be nicer not having to travel before or after a massage? While you are at home, or at the office, we’ll travel to you. After we finish the massage you can enjoy your relaxation with no extra fuss. All massages we offer, we can also give  at home or in any location. Provided of course that there is sufficient space for a massage table or chair and space to walk around it. In addition we advice to heat up the room to about 22-23 degrees centigrade to make for a pleasant experience. Anything else needed for the massage we’ll bring along ourselves. The massage table or chair, massage oil, towels and relaxing music, we’ll bring it all.

Also welcome in my practice

Of course it’s no problem if you don’t want, or can’t have your massage at home. Just as easily you can visit our practice in Leiden to enjoy your massage.

Benefits of massage

Massage is so good it is addictive. But as you may know, luckily it is the one and only addiction without physical disadvantages. Massage not only eases out and relaxes sore muscles, it also stimulates circulation, increases the production of oxytocin and it lowers the blood pressure. Besides that it’s a wonderful help against anxiety and stress, it’s a great help for people with burn-out, it improves sleep and digestion and it boosts immunity. All in all there really aren’t any disadvantages of taking a regular massage, so why not have one in the near future?

Choose your favorite massage at home

Depending on your requirements or ailments several kinds of massages are possible. Take a look at the possibilities and make your choice or call, text, app or mail me at 0624120264 or if you want to know more or need advice in your choice. We can combine different techniques to make the massage that fits your needs. You can discuss this with us in advance, and also when the massage begins. Click on the links below for more information.

Types of massages, all given at home if so desired:

(links are in dutch, call us if you want them explained in English)
Relaxing massage: most people choose this massage. The focus of this massage is relaxation of the whole body, with extra attention to tense muscles.
Classic or Swedish massage: a combination of relaxing techniques and kneading and treating tense muscles or muscle areas.
Deep Tissue Massage: for people who need extra oomph in their massage. Combining deep strokes and firm pressure on trigger points and sore muscles to force out the tension with easier strokes to relax the whole body.
Lomi Lomi massage: a very relaxing Hawaiian massage which is given with the hands and the forearms.
Massage against chronic pain: a combination of very tranquil movements of the limbs, holistic pulsing and skin friction. Especially suitable for people with chronic pain, for example in the case of rheumatism or Fibromyalgia. But it ‘s also very helpful by the overall healing effect for people with emotional pain.
Chair massage: a relaxing massage for which undressing is not needed. We give this massage in a special massage chair. Mainly focus on the upper body: the neck, shoulders, back and arms.
Children’s massage: short and dressed massages for curious children or young adults. We only give this massage in the presence of adults.

To be clear: we do not provide erotic services.

If you like you can book a massage directly using the following service:

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